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Is something the matter with your garage door? It isn’t functioning well, you say? Are you from Sealy, Texas or maybe a nearby city? Are you looking for a very good garage door service company in Texas? If you are, then the right service provider to call is Garage Door Repair Sealy TX. We have been in business for more than a decade now. We are one of the companies which provides above-par services for garage doors in Sealy, Texas. We are not a big company, but we are an efficient one. We provide whatever garage door service you need. If your garage door spring is covered in rust, we can replace it. If your garage panels are bent, we can realign them. If you want safety eyes – motion sensor, we can install them.

We started out providing simple repairs like tightening screws and lubricating metal tracks. Now we make use of the most advanced tools in the garage door business. We also make use of innovative methods but still utilize the traditional ones. Now, most homeowners assume that the problem with their garage door is coming from the material itself or the metal tracks. Wrong! Most malfunction issues start from the opener or whatever material you use to pull or push the trolley. So in short, most problems with garage doors is in the garage door opener. If you don’t know the protocol or strategy to check your opener for technical issues, then leave it to us.

What garage door opener do you want?

There are different kinds of garage door openers as well as garage doors. There are three kinds of garage openers: Belt Drive, Chain Drive and Screw Drive. Now, let’s make a comparison of the three without too many details. Belt Drive is what we call the smooth type. A belt is attached to a trolley that pulls or pushes a garage door to open or close. The same goes with chain drive. The chain drive is a lot cheaper compared to the belt drive. But first, are you annoyed by loud rattling sounds? If you are, then you should probably go with the belt drive because chain drive makes too much noise. But, chain drive is more durable and reliable compared to the belt drive. The screw drive is a steel rod that rotates to open a garage door. There are also less parts with this one, meaning less maintenance job, and less money for garage door services.

There isn’t actually a best garage door opener, because each one is reliable enough with regular maintenance. When choosing, make sure that the type of opener you decided on is suitable for the kind of garage door you already have. Here’s a brief explanation to help you out. Screw drive is perfect for single panel garage doors because this type is lightweight. Belt drive is good for residential sectional garage doors because it can carry heavy material and is smooth along the metal tracks. Chain drive is better for heavier loads like over the head garage doors. So have you decided which garage door opener you want?

Garage Door Openers
Garage Door Openers Sealy TX
Garage Door Opener Service

How often do I need garage door opener repair jobs?

In our expert opinion, homeowners should at least avail of maintenance or repair services at least twice every two months. We also provide monthly and quarterly maintenance services. But the most important thing to always remember is to take good care of your garage door. You can conduct simple repair jobs on your own without professional help like lubrication, tightening loose screws, cleaning the garage door panels and so much more. If you notice something wrong with your garage door, take immediate action. Especially when you don’t know how to determine where the problem is coming from. Prolonging these problems will only cost you more money because of more repairs.

If you also want changes with your garage door, go for it. If you want automatic garage door instead of manual, go for it. If you want a roll-up garage door instead of sliding, go for it. Seek professional opinion when doing so. A well-maintained garage door can last for five to six years without full replacement or new installation. Imagine the amount of money you can save. You want the best garage door opener? Then, be responsible in taking care of your garage door. That is what it takes to have the best garage door opener. Don’t worry, we are here to assist you all the way.

Importance of a well- maintained garage door

In the business of garage door services, it is all about security. We assure everyone that the services we offer are fool-proof. One of the main reasons we are doing this is to minimize property crime. It is well established that an unmaintained garage door is easy to disassemble or break apart. We can actually remove all the panels from the outside within only 15 minutes. We don’t want to give that access to the wrong people. We want every garage door of all the residential and commercial properties in Sealy to be well maintained and therefore well secured. This is our way of helping out the people of Sealy and other cities as well. There are many ways to help out but this is the best way we know how to.

So don’t waste your time surfing the internet looking for five- star garage door service providers. No need to search high and low, we will come to you. Also, don’t sweat about the price rates. Our services are affordable, guaranteed. If you want more information about our company and services, visit our website. If you want credentials, get in touch with some of our previous customers. Our phone lines are open 24/7. We also provide emergency repair services. So if you find yourself at the middle of the night with your garage door malfunctioning, give us a call. Once again, the most reliable garage door service provider in Texas, Sonic Garage Door Repair.

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